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Name:Darcy x Loki Fan community
Website:fuckyeahlokidarcy on tumblr
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Darcy/Loki fan community

Welcome to the Darcy x Loki community!

This is a fan community for the pairing Loki and Darcy Lewis from the movie Thor. They have never met in the movie, which is a shame, but wouldn't it be cool if they met? They would have instant chemistry for sure, and this is why this couple is FANON.

Please post anything related to Darcy and Loki, whether it's Darcy and Loki genfic, romantic fic, icons, artwork, graphics, fanmixes, and anything else to do with Kat Dennings and Tom Hiddleston. All is welcome, even RPF!
Here are some rules for the community:
  • Please cut any large images or stories over 100 words.

  • Please don't character bash or create drama around other pairings.

  • Loki and Darcy must be the focus. Friendship Loki and Darcy fics are acceptable too. Other pairings are allowed as side pairings to a story only.

  • News about the actors is allowed.

  • Do not spam unrelated topics, like porn, advertisements, or things not related to the point of this community. You will be instantly banned.

I'm your moderator and maintainer: [info]paynesgreyLayout and graphics are done by me.
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[info]thor_het || [info]needmyhammer || [info]dennings_daily || [info]avengers_2k || [info]avengersblend || [info]darcy_loki || [info]payheravisit
If you'd like to be an affiliate, please go HERE.
Have fun! Please post and pimp all your Darcy/Loki goodness!
Please spread the word of our community if you can.


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